Manchester City want to sell it! 20 million transaction exposure Dzeko Mancini shelled

Manchester City want to sell it! 20 million transaction exposure Dzeko Mancini shelled

every transfer market opens, Manchester City has attracted much attention, but compared with the previous year’s big recruiting year was exceptionally quiet Manchester City, the new Premier League season starts from only two weeks, but the defending champion is still without a new aid to join, but this does not prevent the transfer market rumors.

The first is the “Daily Mail” reported that Manchester City ready to offer

Premier usher in the devil race Reds two teams have courage

Premiership usher in the “devil race” Reds Liverpool have courage Evening News reporter Yu Jiong two teams reported

just after Christmas, New Year holidays also came. Continental European countries at the time of entering the offseason leagues, the Premier League continues to fans “warmth.”

And starting tonight, various clubs throughout the season will usher in the most intensive event “Christmas and New Year campaign.” Able to stand out in this period, essentially become the ultimate champion of the league’s most popular team.


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    especially just Liverpool will return to the championship in Beijing tomorrow morning, just away to Manchester City than curbing. This is undoubtedly the focus of attention.

    “Our goal is to become the Premier League in 20to a leader.” A month ago, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini shouted such pronouncements. Now the “Blue Moon” from the position of head of the standings were also really only a stone’s throw, if we can benefit Liverpool in the round with home win, then they have the opportunity to climb to the top.

    Manchester rivals Liverpool is the most amazing performance of nearly four league teams, they not only four-game winning streak with a wave rushed standings first four games and scored a total of ld goals over a four incredible. Especially just to get a weekly

  • Warriors coach coached most exposed to regret things when Bryant did not call off the Achilles tendo

    Warriors coach coached most exposed to regret things when Bryant did not call off the Achilles suspended on October 31, Mark – Jackson coached only three seasons, but he will have a coaching career most regret thing. Before today, Jackson Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers season opener, said the game last season, Bryant and the Warriors game interrupted Achilles tendon injuries, he is very regret not shout pause, but the Lakers with Kobe Bryant foul tactics to leave before allowing treatment. I never say this thing, but as a coach, I have regretted place, Jackson said, is a regrettable thing, if you know Bryant was so severely injured that time, I would called a pause, they would not need to go foul, we are so respected Bryant the player he should leave gloriously. Bryant is the Lakers and the Warriors in last season s fourth game 3 minutes 08 seconds left When injured, the Warriors Harris – Barnes Bryant foul led to the latter Achilles tendon rupture. Bryant finished it reluctantly stick penalty goals, the Lakers and the Warriors labeled 109 level. Mark – Jackson said, Kobe is really a legendary player, he can insist on complete two penalty goals. Bryant finished ball penalty, Steve – Blake fouls before Bryant Lakers have a chance replaced. Jackson said he did not know Bryant hurt so heavy, otherwise he would call a timeout to allow Bryant to leave rather than under the Lakers game deadlocked wasted opportunity for a foul. I really respect Kobe as a fighter. Jackson said, Even if all the factors against him, I did not know he was injured, which hit nothing would happen to him, and thought is do not let him control the game, Warriors coach also said he was looking for in pre-season in China row over Bryant, the two have already been discussed in private, personal apology to Bryant said, Mark – Jackson believes Bryant will be back , before reaching that state. Today, the Warriors 125-94 at home to beat the Los Angeles Lakers, has made a good start of the season. Che exposure Bryant Gasol squeeze handsome German friends: they do not want their play May 4, 2014, NBA Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike – Mike D Antoni cl reasons Exposure According to New York Daily News reported. A friend of D Antoni said: I know, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol did not want to play in my hands. D Antoni had asked before the Lakers management team in the 2015-16 season, his options are executed, but in before the inquiry, he knew he had been basically out of the game. D Antoni and the Lakers finally reached a peace agreement broke, German commander to get the remaining 2.5 million contract in advance to leave the bench and as the leader of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol for the German commander of the system has been less buy it, though the team owner – Jim Buss and general manager Mitch – Mitch Kupchak said they hope the team agree with the German commander of offensive tactics, because both high tube with the ability to think in German commander Knicks demonstrated, allowing the Lakers back to the 1980s, the Showtime , which is the late owner Jerry – Dr. Buss wish but two seasons in which After the past, the idea of